A downloadable game for Windows



Left or A
Right:Right or D
Jump:Up or W or H or Z or Y
Hit:X or O
Down:Down or S


ANKH.zip 18 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play (start ankh.exe)


Code & Graphics: Team Carrot
Music & Sounds:  Everett Fischer
Made with stencyl

Due to a mysterious force of chaos, the gate to the afterlife is open and the gods abandoned this realm. Only Anubis, you,  are left to find the ankh, close the gate and bring back order.


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this game jut confuses me.
Up till you got the staff and defeated the raven, the path was obvious.
but I got the next staff upgrade and now I am confused on where to go next O_o


It is a puzzle but you got very far already. I don't want to spoiler but there is a "secret" room. If you compare the rooms you know with the map you might get an idea where it is. There are bricks in the wall that can be broken to get an access.

yeah, just found it.
I had seen those markings before but expected the hidden exit to be in the same direction as its shown. so yeah, I was basically searching the wrong walls :-)